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Please Follow The Simple Step-By-Step Instructions EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED To Ensure You Start Raking In Huge Commissions!

CLICK HERE (a new window will open) and create a user-name and password and tell us where you want us to PayPal your affiliate commissions! (Be sure to jot down the username/password you create and check the box that lets us notify you when a sale is made!)

Once logged in; notice your Affiliate I.D. # located on the right hand side of the page after you log in (this should be a 3, 4, or 5 digit number). Just write down this number and come back to this page!

STEP #3**
Use the affiliate links located on THIS PAGE! Just replace the "XXX" in all of the affiliate links on this page (including in the code for the banners) with YOUR ACTUAL affiliate ID  

To Promote WebCopyCat Directly, use this url:  

Swipe copy is located Below...
Please note that Pre-Written Emails #1 and #2 are the EXACT emails that were sent out (1 day apart) to achieve the crazy results you read about on the previous page. Use these e-mails EXACTLY as written and hopefully you'll see similar results!

To Promote The WebCopyCat Affiliate Program (IE: if you're a JV Broker, or you're marketing to people with big mailing lists) use this url:

Note: Swipe copy for 2nd tier affiliate marketing is located below as well

Again, Be sure to ALWAYS replace the last 3 X's with your actual 3, 4, or 5 digit  affiliate ID so that YOU get the commissions!!


STEP #4 (Newer Affiliates)
ESPECIALLY when marketing on social media (facebook, twitter, etc..)
You'll want to go to and then shorten your affiliate link. Use the shorter "" version of your link for ALL of your social media marketing!
Example - I put:
"" into the url shortener and got this: "" which is the link I will now use whenever I want to marketing the WebCopyCat System on twitter or facebook and make some residual income.

Take note of the page you're on and save in for when you need to come back to get more pre-made promotional material



Pre-Written Emails | 2nd Tier Affiliate Emails | Banner Advertising | Signature Files | Pre-Made Tweets | Marketing Forums

Promotional Tool #1 Pre-Written Emails - Use The following prewritten emails when marketing to your own list of subscribers, a safe-list, or when doing a solo-email ad campaign . DO NOT use these pre-written messages to send spam or your WebCopyCat affiliate account will be suspended! We have provided a short list of reputable companies that will send e-mails on your behalf. Please note that results will vary!

Email #1 Subject:

Email #1 Body:

Email #2 Subject:

Email #2 Body:

Email #3 Subject:

Email #3 Body:

Email #4 Subject:

Email #4 Body:


Below are some killer places for you to do a solo-mailing if you don't have your own list!

 Try a solo-ad on these right now.

SoloAdsOnly - responsive with monitored email publishers to send out your mailing and affiliate link.

Ezines-R-Us - buy a solo ad from them or a full classified ad. Use your affiliate link by replacing 'yourid'. Feel free to use our provided solo.

WebStars2K - email lists used since 1999 sourced from many internet marketers.

2BucksAds - family-owned with some good lists.

DirectyofEzines - join and see secret sources of where to place your solo ads.

SRDS Media - choose the consumer magazine solutions and email lists.

EzineAdsNet - varied place and varied email lists to run.

Home Biz List - please test their quality performance guarantee.

(JV Brokers, Others Marketing To People With Big Lists)


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EXACT swipe copy included

Your Name Here




Subject: [Private Invite] - Super Affiliates Only!

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Promotional Tool #2 Banner Advertising - Use The following pre-made banners in as many places as you can on the Internet. Simply copy and paste the banners/banner code you'd like to use form the choices below. You can advertise with banner ads on many different websites a Including:,,,, http:///,, and, And don't forget to place these banners all over YOUR website or blog. Remember to replace the "XXX" with Your Actual Affiliate Number/I.D.







Promotional Tool #3 Signature Files - One of the most powerful and FREE ways to get great traffic to your WebCopyCat Affiliate Link is to add a signature at the bottom of every email you send out. No matter who your e-mail service provider is, they will have a function that will let you add a signature automatically to every email you send out. Here are some sample signatures that we have found effective.

Email Signature 1

Email Signature 22

Email Signature 3

Email Signature 4


Promotional Tool #4 Tweeting Your Affiliate Link (Also Good For Facebook!) - Truth be told, this is easily the most powerful FREE affiliate traffic driving method you can do! Just send your affiliate link to your twitter/facebook followers 5-10 times a day and then let the system do all of the work for you! Here are some sample tweets/facebook posts to send out


WOW! Free Video Shows "Copy Cat" Method For Making Money Online - (your affiliate link)
Have you seen the "Copy Cat Success Method" Yet? If Not, You REALLY Need To! (your affiliate link)
@devonbrown just released a free video for people looking to make money online! (your affiliate link)
RT @devonbrown is looking for people who are tired of making less than $3K per month online (your affiliate link)
Who else wants $2,000 - $5,000 automatic income! (your affiliate link)
Watch This NOW If You Make Less Than $3K/Month Online (your affiliate link)


Promotional Tool #5 Marketing Forums - You can become a free member of one (or many) of the following forums and include your WebCopyCat Affiliate Link in your signature file when you create your profile. WARNING: Do NOT spam the forums! (meaning, don't just go on to the forums and tell everyone to buy WebCopyCat). Just provide meaningful feedback on other people's posts and let the fact that your WebCopyCat Affiliate Link is in your profile signature!

My Marketing Forum
This is Mike Filsaime's famous forum. It will link from many of his sites in the future. ListDotCom members are very active in it.         

The Warriors Forum
Here is another great forum that I think is one of the best. It is called the Warriors Forum. It is a private members forum but you can find it through the search engines.                               
Instant Buzz Community Forum
This a great forum and free to join. Just go to the homepage and get the tool bar for free. Once you join you will be in a very active forum with very responsive frequenters.

ABlake Forum
This forum has some big names like John Reese and Frank Kern and many others in there all the time. Great forum to check out.         

Free Advertising Forum
This is a forum that will let you post your ads. It is a great concept, and worth exploring.

Michael Green's How-To Forum
This is one of the best forums for internet Marketers on the entire Internet.
Marketing Study Hall
This is Russell Brunson's Awesome Marketing Forum



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